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Transcript Convalidation

The following instructions from Forte should only be used as a guide. Each student should visit their own state's Secretary of State website for more specific instructions and fee requirements, in order to not delay the convalidation process. Forte students are responsible for their own convalidation process. If detailed assistance is needed from Forte, please contact our main office:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Required for students from the following countries:
Click on your national flag for information on how to convalidate your transcripts for school credit in your home country

Flag of BrazilFlag of ItalyFlag of Mexico copyFlag of SpainFlag of S Korea

Transcript convalidation is the process of validating the classes you take in the U.S. to receive credit for them in your home country.

Before you begin your studies, you need to know about the convalidation process which must be completed, takes time to do and involves multiple steps and requires the help of your school and possibly also that of your host family or your Forte Local Representative.

In order for your academic work from your American high school to be valid in your home country, your Official Transcript of Grades must be authenticated (convalidated) by the U.S. Secretary of State and/or the Consulate General of your home country. Be sure to begin this process early, as it can take over eight weeks to complete.

Some countries require specific course titles, in order to convalidate classes.  For example, you may have a class called ‘Biology’ instead of ‘Foundations of Biology’.  Most schools will work with you to make your courses fit the convalidation process.  You should address these issues with your guidance counselor or principal when you register for classes at the beginning of your exchange program.  If the school is unable or unwilling to change the course title, you may have to accept the fact that certain coursework may not transfer to your home country.

Please note that you are responsible for getting your transcript authenticated. No one else can initiate this process for you! If you have any questions concerning this process, please contact your home exchange sponsor.

If you follow the easy steps to convalidate your transcripts early you will avoid many problems.

Please follow the instructions for your home country; click on the flag for more information and see the following links for additional helpful resources:


Sample Letters:

To Consulate General
To County Clerk
From Principal to accompany transcripts
To Secretary of State

U.S. Secretary of State offices (for Convalidating Transcripts)
Legalizing documents with Apostille


According to the Brazilian consulate website: All documents processed through mail must be acompanied by the "Legalization by Mail Request Form".