What to Expect


Forte Local Representatives can expect to play an important role in the successful exchange year of each student, Host Family, and high school participating in the program. The Local Representative is the face of Forte in the community, the voice for student exchange and the champion for each young, adventurous teen from across the globe.

Forte International Exchange Association is currently looking for Local Representatives across the country. As a Local Representative, you will recruit volunteer host families, serve as the liaison with local high schools, and provide support for the exchange students. All of our Representatives are provided with excellent training and support by their Area Directors and the Home Office. We work with over 20 different countries, and every student speaks English, is fully medically insured, and brings their own money for personal expenses.

This opportunity allows our Local Representatives to work from home.  Each completed placement earns the Representative a generous placement fee, along with a monthly supervision fee for each student placed.

For more information, contact Forte today at 1.888.866.6869 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.